WP Course Plan Change Log

Version 1.101     2017-12-11   


  • fixed ‘tutorials’ link and the ‘support’ links in the menu bar.
  • fixed background color settings not saving properly.


  • changed location of the post title to display above the featured image instead of below it.


Version  1.102     2017-12-19 


  • Addressed a conflict with Profit Builder plugin.


Version 1.103     2017-12-22


  • Conflict with WP 4.9 color picker


Version 1.104     2017-12-29   


  • Issue with internal auto-update script.


Version 1.200     2018-04-12


  • Added custom sort/ordering.
  • Added Drip Feed (using MemberSonic Pro) of courses where button displays “X days to go”.  When drip reaches 0 days the course unlocks.