WP Checklist Pro Shortcode Options

WP Checklist Pro uses 3 shortcodes to render certain features on the front end of your website.  These shortcodes display the checklist itself, an optional progress bar, and an optional PDF generated checklist.

  1. THE CHECKLIST:  To display the checklist, enter [WP-Checklist-Pro id="1" checkboxsize="small" ] into the post/page editor screen. “small’ can be replaced with “medium” or “large” to adjust the size of the check boxes.
  2. THE PROGRESS BAR:  To output a checklist Progress Bar, enter [WP-Checklist-Pro-PB id="1" barcolor="#000000" textcolor="#FFFFFF"] into the post/page editor screen (either above or below the checklist.  The bar and text colors can be edited within the shortcode.  The progress bar will automatically update when a box is checked within the checklist.  Make sure the id number matches the id number of the checklist shortcode.
  3. THE PDF CHECKLIST: [WP-Checklist-Pro id="1" type="pdf" title="Awesome Checklist" linktext="Download PDF Checklist"]. Within the shortcode settings, the Title is the headline in the PDF file. The title and the link text can be edited.  This shortcode will generate a downloadable PDF version of your checklist.