How To Translate Sonic Reply To A Different Language

To create a new language file for your Sonic Reply installation:

  1. Copy /lang/sonicreply.pot
  2. Rename the copied file to sonicreply-xx_XX.po (xx_XX is the language code. Example: es_ES for Spanish)
  3. Download POEDIT ( and install.
  4. Open the new sonicreply-xx_XX.po with POEDIT
  5. Translate the text. It’s very simple to use.
  6. When done, click save.
  7. After saving, there should be another file in the location of the sonicreply-xx_XX.po called
  8. Upload both files to /lang/ folder.

That’s it!


If the WordPress is already in localized language, then it should work straightaway when the above steps are done.  If not, this is how WordPress should be localized…

To change WordPress Language:

  1. Open wp-config.php in Wordpres root.
  2. Find the line define(‘WPLANG’,’xx_XX’)
  3. Replace xx_XX with the language code (Example: es_ES | define(‘WPLANG’,’es_ES’))
  4. Save. This is to change WordPress language and must for membersonic localization to work (i10n)

You may also want to try to auto translate po files.