How To Setup WP Member Consent

All agreements are listed on the ‘Member Consent Agreements’  screen.  Here you can see the number of members who accepted and declined the agreement.  You can also obtain the ‘delete profile’ shortcode [MC_DELETE_MYPROFILE].


To create a new agreement (popup notification), click on ‘New Agreement’ in the WP admin menu.  Give your agreement a title.  Use the post editor to enter the content of your agreement.  Member Consent will automatically insert buttons at the bottom of the screen for the member at accept or decline the agreement.

Next, select the pages you wish to display the agreement on.  Agreements will popup on those pages until such time as the member either accepts or declines the agreement.

Enter the ‘Deny URL’.  This is the URL to redirect members to if they decline the agreement.  It should be a membership page where you have placed the shortcode [MC_DELETE_MYPROFILE] with instructions explaining how they can delete their membership account if they wish to do so.

The ‘Records Screen’ is a running log of all members who accepted or declined the agreement (see Status column).