How To Integrate MemberSonic Pro With Warrior Plus

This video explains how to integrate MemberSonic Pro with the Warrior Plus affiliate system (WSO Pro). Warrior Plus is a 3rd party payment processor that is a popular affiliate platform. You can use WSO Pro with MemberSonic to leverage affiliates to promote your membership products.

Warrior Plus recently upgraded their system to include a Secret Key. Until now MemberSonic relied on the admin email address to verify the purchase. MemberSonic version 2.509 (released June 18th 2018) now includes a field for the Warrior Plus Secret Key.  Existing users must make this change if they are using Warrior Plus.

Once you install MemberSonic version 2.509, login to your Warrior Plus account and navigate to Account Settings –  Secret Key. Create a new key.


How To Integrate WarriorPlus (WSOPRO) with MemberSonic Pro


Step 1:

Now navigate to MemberSonic – General Settings – Affiliate System Integration, and enter this Secret Key in the WSOPRO Secret Key field.


Step 2:

Each product you create in WarriorPlus must have a corresponding membership product/level in MemberSonic Pro.  The IPN URL in the image above must be entered into the WarriorPlus product settings.



When here, take note of the product ID number.  This number (exclude the wso_) is needed within MemberSonic in the step that follows.



Now navigate to your corresponding membership level in MemberSonic under Dashboard – Edit Membership and click on Affiliate Systems – WSOPRO.  Enter the Warrior Plus product ID number in this field.