How do I create a Webinar? [START HERE]

Overview Video


PT Webinar Pages


Menu Options

  • General Settings –  select webinar type and timezone settings.  These are required settings.
  • Registration Form – format the registration form. This are required settings.
  • Confirmation Page – enter the url to the thank you page and customize email templates. These are required settings.
  • Countdown Timer – format the countdown timer.  These are optional setting.
  • Webinar Room – enter url to video and format pre-webinar content. These are required settings.
  • Chat Simulator – configure pre-populated chat comments (questions and answers). These are optional setting.
  • Offers – configure a pre-set popup offer. This is an optional setting.
  • Presenters – select the WP Admin who can access the live webinar room. These are required settings.
  • Autoresponder – integrate with an email platform using html form code. These are optional setting.
  • Shortcodes – access the shortcodes needed to display registration forms, thank you page info, and countdown timers.
  • API – advanced API functionality for integrating with external platforms.