How To Create A Custom Search Engine ID for WP Rank Scout



In the WP Rank Scout Settings screen,  click on the link ‘How to get the Custom Search Engine ID’. 

Under the Custom Search page, click the Add button to create a search engine.

In the next screen, enter the URL to your website where WP Rank Scout is installed, and click the blue CREATE button.



The page will refresh.  Click the blue ‘Get code’ button (see screen below).



On the next screen, you only need the code outlined in red below.  Copy this code into WP Rank Scout in the Custom Search Engine ID field.


There is one final step before your Custom Search Engine ID is complete.  Click on your newly created search engine name (see image below).


On this screen, scroll down to the ‘Search the entire web’ section and make sure it is set to ON (see image below).