How To Configure WP Real Proof General Settings

WP Real Proof is designed to pull customer sales information from any WordPress based membership site.  If you have sales pages on the same WP domain where your membership site exists, then you can use the main WP Real Proof plugin to display popups on your sales page (or any page you want).  If you want to display popups on external domains, then install and activate the WP Real Proof Child plugin.  This plugin will pull customer sales information from your membership site to display on your external website.

For example, if your membership site is installed on and your sales page is on, then install the main WP Real Proof plugin on and the child plugin on

WP Real Proof Settings

After installing and activating WP Real Proof, navigate to WP Real Proof – Settings.  Here you can customize the position, movement format, and display duration.

If using the child plugin on an external site, you will need to create a secret key.  This secret key must be entered in the main installation and any child sites.